Hair Accessories

Mohit Hair Affair Pointis one of the leading hair accessories manufacturer, supplier, exporter, importer following hair accessories are available –

  1. Ultra hold glue
  2. Bue tape
  3. No shine tape
  4. special combs for nonsurgical hair systems
  5. special oils for non-surgical hair systems
  6. No tape Glue
  7. Red Tape
  8. Yellow tape
  9. Tape strips from Walker
  10. Hair system special sprays

For buying hair accessories feel free to visit us or you can order by phone or by emailing us

Why Us –

  • – Mohit Hair Affair Point provides Best quality hair systems for bonding, hair weaving, and hair fixing
  • – Mohit Hair Affair Point is No. 1 nonsurgical hair replacement center in Lucknow
  • – Mohit Hair Affair Point has 1000s of satisfied customers
  • – Customer’s satisfaction is a top priority

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