Q.1 what are the timings of your center ?

Ans-> We are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday


Q.2 Are appointments required?

Ans->Yes it’s always better to fix appointments before you visit us so that you will always get the right time slot and does not have to wait you can book your appointment by phone, mail or inquiry page given on the website.


Q.3 Are there any consultation charges?

Ans-> Consultation is absolutely free .


Q.4  Are there any side effects associated with a non-surgical hair transplant?

Ans-> Absolutely no side effects are associated with non-surgical hair transplant, chemicals that are use are all lab tested and best products.


Q.5 How would I look after a hair transplant?

Ans->Hairs define the personality of a person you will definitely find the change in yourself and feel more confident than ever before, take a look at Mr. Rajnikanth in movies and compare him with his real life photograph.


Q.6 Would it look natural?

Ans->Absolutely yes we left no stone unturned to make it look as natural as possible.


Q.7 what are the real life stuff that I  can do with my transplanted hair as compared to my actual hairs?

Ans-> practically anything that you could have ever done with your own hairs, for example, swimming, bathing, playing golf and the list is never ending.


Q.8 For how long your hair system lasts?

Ans -> There is no exact answer to this question as the life of hair system depends upon the quality of hair system and how much you take care of your hair system, hair systems can last up to 5 years or can last in months but here at Mohit hair affair  because we trust our quality so we provide with a warranty of 1 year which can be extended for one more year by paying some premium.


Q.9 Are there any age requirements for undergoing this process?

Ans->No there is no as such age requirement for non surgical hair treatment.


Q.10 what is the cost of this treatment?

Ans -Again we came to a question for which no exact answer exist cost of non-surgical treatment varies a lot according to the quality of hair system and the situation of the patient but just for a rough idea it starts from as low as Rs 3000 and goes all the way up to 50000.


Q.11 Does this treatment require maintenance after a certain amount of time?

Ans->yes it requires maintenance but the time after which it requires maintenance is not fixed and depends on lots of factors for example temperature  you can always visit us for maintenance whenever it’s required although if you don’t have enough time to visit us we can provide you with training and accessories required for servicing so you can do it at your home.


Q.12 what does the maintenance of hair system mean in non-surgical hair replacement treatment ?

Ans-> following procedures are carried out –

  • Removing the system from head
  • cleansing of the system
  • Hair cutting
  • Head shave of required area
  • Skull nourishment with essential oils
  • Head wash
  • Re-pasting of hair system to skull
  • Re-taping of hair system
  • styling