Hair bonding in lucknow

Hair bonding is a kind of temporary hair weaving method. Apart from adding volume, the procedure also adds colour to the natural hair. The extra hair is chosen after checking its colour, density and curl/wave match with the existing hair. Consultation is very vital as people have different expectations. The procedure is easy and involves simple steps. The first step is to take the sample hair to match the natural hair. It is then arranged and fixed to the scalp within the natural hair to deliver the best result as per the patient’s expectations.

This method is normally practised when hair only exists on the sides and back of the scalp, and front and crown of the scalp area is almost bald. The bonding of the hair is done with a U.S.-F.D.A. standard silicon compound and then the bonded hair is merged with your existing hair.

An exceptional technique for a natural look, however, resetting is necessary every one to three months depending upon the quantity and pH of the sweat through the scalp and weather conditions.

This technique is practised normally when existing hair are in sides and back only and front area of the scalp is almost bald the hair units are bonded with US-FDA approved silicon compound and merged with your existing hair.

In this procedure, instead of tieing the patch with the original hair, specially designed clips are attached to the patch. This patch can be clipped onto the original hair and removed, if necessary.

Our hair bonding technique is a painless and non-surgical procedure providing a quick remedy with no side effects, thus promising a complete piece of mind to our esteemed clients. This hair bonding technique is gaining popularity among both men and women.

The fact that many doctors have undergone hair bonding authenticates the safety of this technique and its advantage over other treatments for baldness.

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