About US


We does “State of the Art” designing in hair replacement for Men and women What sets us apart from others in the Industry is that we are selling the newest “Natural” look. No one will ever even came to know that you are wearing hair.

Mohit Hair Affair Center is the No 1 hair care center in India. With more than a decade of pioneering and dedicated work, has earned thousands of satisfied customers and has been honoured with many awards.

Our Strengths

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like a bonafide “solution,” you should consider the Products and Services provided by Mohit Hair Affair for two simple reasons:

First, we make you look absolutely amazing, and pride ourselves in doing so. Not merely amazing, but truly smashing. Our company is committed and crusading to help individuals experiencing hair loss, look and feel great about their appearance.Second, it still astounds us on a regular basis how we have changed our client’s appearance. We are always just as pleased and ecstatic as they are to see the result of our approach to hair replacement.

Mohit hair affair Point is capable of providing its clients with such unbelievable results because of our proprietary products and high-level service. I can say quite honestly that our products and services are perhaps the  best in the modern world.

As a rapidly growing organization with a focus on high-end, customized products and service, Mohit Hair Affair, has worked diligently to develop unique products and innovative techniques in an industry typically devoid of such advances. We use the results of these efforts to provide our clients with unbelievable hair replacement solutions. As a result, Mohit Hair Affair has been successful in offering its clients, many of them, incomparable products and service.

Try unbelievable hair quality. Not only unbelievable quality, but also unbelievable versatility. At Mohit Hair affair Point we can provide you with hair that matches your own identically in color and texture, or, if you so desire, with hair that is softer and fuller than your own. Moreover, the hair used by Fair & Hair can also be coloured, permed, straightened or highlighted, just like your own hair. In fact, our hair is so unique that other firms within the hair replacement industry have solicited us in vain many times over, in hopes of purchasing the hair direct from Mohit hair Affair.

What We Do

Everybody without exception experiences hair loss on a daily basis. When the loss rate exceeds the replacement rate and scalp become increasingly visible, that’s when you reach the stage commonly referred to as male and female pattern baldness. The onset of baldness can have a very devastating impact on a person’s self-confidence. Baldness has been a persistent problem with mankind. While research on possible remedies has been going on for centuries, no economically viable solution has come up yet.

Mohit hair Affair Point has developed and artificial hair that is textured to look exactly like your natural hair, and is a relatively inexpensive alternative when compared to surgical procedures and treatment regimes that have a dubious rate of success. Mohit hair affair
dramatically enhances your appearance and gives you the confidence to face up to the world. Try it out. You’ll ve surprised at the difference it makes to how you think and feel about yourself