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hair patchWhy do you need a Hair Patch ?

 When you suffer from hair loss, you might suffer with low confidence as well. This is why hair patches are required by you. To make things easier, here are some advantages that make hair patch your first choice.



The most convenient way to gain confidence (when suffering from hair loss) is using a hair patch. It is easy to use and equally convenient. You can use it while working, commuting, or even walking, it doesn’t get worn down.


Guaranteed results in less time

We all are aware that hair transplant surgeries take time to show results and moreover, they are painful as well. On the other hand, hair patches give instant painless results with full confidence. 


Easy Styling

You select the hair patch according to your natural hair color, this makes it easy for it (hair patch) to blend with your natural hair. Thus, making it easy to style with several styling options.


Suitable for all stages

It doesn’t matter at what stage of hair loss you are at, every kind of hair patch is available in the market to suit your requirement. Moreover, people who can not afford hair transplants can also opt for a hair patch.


Low Maintenance

Hair patches do not require high maintenance on a daily basis. Your one hair patch lasts for a good period of time. Moreover, there is no aftercare treatment as well.


No Side Effects

One of the greatest advantages of a hair patch is that there are no side effects of using it, unlike in hair transplant where a person can suffer some side effects. These side effects can be itching, scarring, allergies, etc



As hair patches are non-surgical things and use only glues, they are completely painless. Applying a hair patch is a purely painless procedure. Thus, it is a process with similar results but without pain.


Cost of Hair Patch in Lucknow

There are various hair patches available in the market based on their distinctive properties. In Lucknow, the hair patch cost varies from INR 5000 to INR 10000.


At Mohit Hair Affair Point, Lucknow, the best quality hair patches are available that look amazingly original. This is because we are the leading manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler for the best quality hair patches. Contact Us to know more

Hair Patch for Men in Lucknow

You will find some of the best hair patches for men at Mohit Hair Affair Point in Lucknow at very reasonable prices. These hair patches last for approximately 6-12 months if proper care is taken.


Hair Patch for Women in Lucknow

In addition to hair patches for men, Mohit Hair Affair Point hosts a wide range of hair patches for women as well. They also last for around 6-12 months with proper care and maintenance.

Hair Transplant Vs Hair Patches

Hair transplant and hair patches, both are great ways to gain your lost confidence (due to severe hair loss), but with great differences. Hair transplants are surgically done and hair patches are a non-surgical instant solution.


Additionally, hair transplants take a significant amount of time to show the results but hair patches are there when you need instant solutions.


Hair Patch will not damage your Hair

People have this misconception that a hair patch will damage your hair because of the glue that’s used to wear them. 


Yes, this is true but it’s only in the cases where a low quality glue is applied to fix the hair patch. 


At Mohit Hair Affair Point, we use the best quality glue which ensures that area where the hair patch is applied does not damage the remaining natural hair


Want to know more about getting the Best quality Hair Patch in Lucknow at an affordable price?

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no side effects of using a Hair Patch.

Yes,you can bathe with your hair patch just like how you bath with your original hair. Having a hair patch means its part of your hair now and you dont have to remove them for things are part of your daily routine.

Hair patch does not affect your original hair growth. Your hair will grow normally as they do.

Yes, you can go to the gym with a hair patch on.

Yes , you can take a head bath just like you do with your original hair on.

Yes, you can go on a run with a hair system. You can even exercise.

Yes, you can sweat in a hair system. There is no itching with sweat because the net used for hair patch is so thin that it makes your hair patch absorb the sweating, just how your normal hair would.

You can reapply your hair in an interval of a year or based on your weariness. However, it depends on how you take care of it.

No, it does not fall off as it is properly and permanently fixed.

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