Hair Weaving in Lucknow

Hair weaving is also a non-surgical hair restoration procedure to cure the partial baldness. In the case of hair weaving, patch or hair unit is fixed to the scalp with your existing hair.We make the support or bridge using your existing hair with the help of the machine. It’s a 100% non-surgical and safe, it does not affect or harm your skin or scalp.

Hair Weaving is a fixed procedure and you cant remove the patch as in the case of Hair Bonding. 

After the procedure, you can treat your new hair just like you natural. This means quickly resuming your daily activities like taking a bath, jogging, gym, etc.

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Hair Patch

Get Best Quality Hair Patch for the Natural Look

Hair Bonding

Look different every day with Hair Bonding

Hair Extensions

Get rid of the partial baldness with Hair Bonding

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