Visit This Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki to Buy Hair Wigs According to Your Face Shape!

Finding a hair wig shop in Barabanki is not a big deal. But finding a hair wig according to your face shape in Barabanki is similar to finding God! However, there are many hair wig shops in Barabanki. But only a few are capable of offering the latest and best-suited hair wigs as per your requirements.

Hair Wig shop in Barabanki

Barabanki is a small city in Uttar Pradesh, India. Although, it is termed a ‘city’ as per the government records. This place is still holy, rustic, scenic, and charismatically rural in its nature. Barabanki is the gateway to ‘Poorvanchal’ in India. She is also the penance ground for many saints and ascetics.

However, in spite of being rural by nature, Barabanki is still a city that also houses stress and pollution. Owing to the stress and the pollution, hair fall and hair loss are now common problems here too. Earlier, these issues were confined to the metro cities only.

But in recent years, the change in lifestyle and shift towards urbanization has paced up in the entire Uttar Pradesh. So, on one hand, people are experiencing hair loss, hair fall, and hair thinning. But on the other hand, they do not have time to perform traditional Indian rituals like hair oiling. People tend to fail even in demonstrating healthy dietary habits. However, they want quick-fix solutions to their problems.

Hair Wig shop

Try A Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki To Solve Your Hair Woes!

The new generation finds hair wigs as a quick-fix solution to their hair woes. So, the demand for hair wigs in Barabanki has gone up in a dramatic way. However, people often do not find those effortless, comfortable, and natural-looking hair wigs in a small town like Barabanki.

But today, we are introducing you to a hidden gem! Here is the best hair wig shop in Barabanki sharing its research on the common face shapes in India. Also, this blog discusses, what type of hair wig suits a particular face cut. And guess what? This Hair wig shop in Barabanki has all of these hair wigs in stock! So, go and grab one according to your face shape today!

The Best Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki: Mohit Hair Affair Point

Although, you will find many hair wig shops in Barabanki. But none will satisfy your modern taste! In fact, some local markets in the streets of Barabanki can also offer you some fancy wigs. However, finding a wig as per your face shape, natural skin, and hair color, and the purpose (like daily wear or party wear) in these local shops and markets is next to impossible.

In order to buy modern and natural-looking hair wigs, an urban area is better to hunt. Worry not! We are not gonna advise you to travel to Delhi or Mumbai. How can we underestimate the heart of our state? The city of Nawabs-Lucknow! Lucknow is just 90 km away from Barabanki.

And in Lucknow, your one-stop solution to buy the best hair wigs in Barabanki lives! Mohit Hair Affair Point is a 20+-year-old hair wig shop in Lucknow. If you are searching for a good hair wig shop in Barabanki, we would advise you to visit Mohit Hair Affair once! As we said Barabanki is only 90 km away from Lucknow, it will hardly take you 2-3 hours to drive here.

Buy Hair Wigs Online in Barabanki

Mohit Hair Affair Point Contact Details:

Mohit Hair Affair Point, House No. 3, Main Rd, Near Police Station, Sector 5, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016

Call at: +7599387927 | 9999315636


Map Location Click Here:

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Mohit Hair Affair Point deals in different types of hair wigs and accessories. So, it can be your one-stop solution to all your hair woes. So, if you are searching for

  • Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki
  • Hair extension in Barabanki
  • Hair Bonding in Barabanki
  • Hair patch in Bafrabanki
  • Non-surgical Hair transplant in Barabanki

Then Mohit Hair Affair Point can be your ultimate destination. Let us now have a look at the research by Mohit Hair Affair Point about popular face shapes in India. Mohit Hair Affair, the best hair wig shop in Barabanki has also explained what type of hair wig suits a particular face cut.

Hair Wig shop in barabanki

Popular Types of Face Shapes in India According to the Best Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki

In our 20 years of tenure of servicing as a leading hair wig shop in Barabanki, we have observed that the most common face shape in India is Round and Square. When we sell women’s hair wigs in Barabanki, we usually find women with a round face here. On the contrary, when we sell men’s hair wigs in Barabanki, we observe that men have either square or oval face shapes.

Therefore, the most common types of face shapes in India are Round, Oval, and Square. Additionally, a handful of men and women have either a heart-shaped face or a diamond-shaped face. Also, the Rectangular face shape is another less common type in India.

A particular hairstyle has a vital role to play in enhancing and lowering the features of your face. A well-suited hairstyle gives instant feature elevation. Whereas, a wrong one can make you appear dull in spite of having the sharpest features and a sexy face shape.

Likewise, while buying hair wigs, you should be very conscious of your face shape. And you must always buy a wig that looks natural and elevates your face. No other hair wig shop in Barabanki will guide you on this. But Mohit Hair Affair will do!

Furthermore, it is not necessary that you would always need to buy a hair wig. Rather if you need some quick and temporary solutions like-

  • hair extension in Barabanki for instant volume to flaunt at a party
  • Hair Bonding in Barabanki to cover hair thinning woes
  • Hair patch in Barabanki to deal with partial baldness
  • Non-surgical Hair transplant in Barabanki to avoid painful and costly transplants

Mohit Hair Affair will guide for this as well. So, let us now discuss what hairstyle and what hair wig will suit you as per your face shape.

How to Choose A Hair Wig According to Face Shape?

There are multiple types of face shapes all over the world. However, when it comes to India, we have found during our 20 years of experience as the best hair wig shop in Barabanki that a few are very common. In the section below we have arranged the face shapes in descending order of their popularity in India. That is from 1 to 6 implies from most popular to less popular.

So, let us find out what hair wig style, hair extension, hair patch, and hair bonding service will satisfy your needs as per your face shape.

1. Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki for Round Face

The most common face shape in India is the round face. However, round faces are more common among women in India than men. So, for women’s hair wigs, we usually design wigs as per the round shape. However, it does not mean that we do not serve other face shapes. Rather we have a whole stock for all face types. If you have a round face and you are a woman. And if you are searching for an appropriate hair wig shop in Barabanki, then consider our hair wigs.

Bob Cut Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki for Women

We would suggest, that for a round face, the best hair wig is a bob cut hair wig. Mohit Hair Affair Point is the only hair wig shop in Barabanki that will offer you bob-style wigs for women. A bob-style wig gives a round face a plum look. The wearer appears cute and classy. For example, check out Selena Gome’s hairstyle in the picture below.

A bob makes you look younger and smart. However, if you are not happy with a short haircut then you can also go with a medium haircut with layers. Check out the following image-

Furthermore, we won’t suggest you have long hair on a round face. It is because it will not suit your face. Instead of elevating your facial features, a long hairstyle makes a round face less highlighted. Also, a hair wig shop in Barabanki will make you pay through your nose for longer hair wigs in the name of ordering from a metro city. So, better avoid it.

Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki for Round-Faced Men

If you are a man with a round face, then again we would advise you to keep it neat and tidy. Avoid heavy and curly hair wigs and hairstyles. Flaunt your beautiful face with a short or medium hairstyle. It is because if you have a round face and you go for long hair or front-lifted hair extensions. Then it would appear extra on your face. Also, it will not look natural at all. Check out the hairstyles below.

You can find this hair wig with us. We are the only hair wig shop in Barabanki that offers such modern hairstyles. Moreover, if you have only partial baldness. Then we offer hair patch in Barabanki service. Additionally, you can also go for our non-surgical hair transplant in Barabanki service as well.

hair extension in barabanki

2. Hair Wig Shop In Barabanki For Oval Face​

Oval face shape in India is more common among men than women. However, we are the only hair wig shop in Barabanki that can provide you with hair wigs for men and hair wigs for women with oval faces. An oval face needs sharp hairstyles. Sharp hairstyles such as face-framing layers for women and faux hairstyle wigs for men.

One must remember, that a hair wig, extension, or even a patch must not be used to ‘change’ your face appearance. We meet many youngsters at our hair wig shop in Barabanki who demand hair wigs that can make their faces appear longer, oval, or square. This approach is incorrect, and if you try a hair wig to ‘change’ it will appear unnatural. So, your focus must always be on elevating the feature.

3. Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki for Heart-Shaped Face

Next, we have a hear-shaped face which is common among men and women alike. Only a handful of people have a heart-shaped face in India today. Therefore, you will hardly find a hair wig shop in Barabanki that can offer you a hair wig for this face shape. Furthermore, heart-shaped face people find it most difficult to find suitable hair extension in Barabanki, hair bonding in Barabanki, and hair patch in Barabanki.

A heart-shaped face is a mix of round cheeks and an edgy chin. Also, it is small and cute with a subtle sexiness in it. For example, Bollywood star Kartik Aryan has a heart-shaped face. Cricket sensation Virat Kohli too is blessed with one. Among popular females in India, Deepika Padukone, is one of the rare examples.

On a heart-shaped face, hair wigs and hairstyles like wavy short to medium hair with bangs for women can prove the right pick. Likewise, for men with a heart-shaped face, a dense hair wig with edgy spikes will do wonders.

hair extension in barabanki

In fact, not only in Barabanki but in other non-metro cities as well. But worry not. Why Mohit Hair Affair is here? We have all hair wigs in stock available for heart-shaped faces as well. And if you are not satisfied with our in-stock wigs, then let us customize one for you!

Also, Mohit Hair Affair offers hair extension in Barabanki and hair patch in Barabanki that can give your hair instant bang looks and front spikes (for men). So, in place of buying costly hair wigs or experimenting with a new haircut, you can enjoy these less costly options.

4. Hair Wig Shop in Barabanki for Square Face

The final face shape that is very popular among Indians is the Square Face Shape. A square face is medium popular in India. Mostly, you will find square faces in regions like Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, and some regions of Punjab.

The most popular examples of square face in India include Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, and the Indian Politician Rahul Gandhi. Even Sri Narendra Bhai Modi demonstrates a Square-like face shape.

The best part about having a square face is that almost any type of hair wig and hairstyle suits a square face. Long or short, layers or bangs, spikes or faux, a square face would accommodate almost any type of hairstyle. So, not only a hair wig shop in Barabanki but any hair wig shop can offer you multiple options.

However, we would opine that you must not keep your hair really short as it would make your face appear much larger in proportion to your body. Buy any medium or long-hair wig at Mohit Hair Affair. We are sure that anything will suit you!

Final Thoughts

So, Mohit Hair Affair Point is your one-stop solution to find the best hair wig shop in Barabanki online. We also provide hair extension in Barabanki, hair patch in Barabanki (for men and women both), and non-surgical hair transplant in Barabanki services. Also, in our 20 years of dedicated tenure, we have researched hard on designing and manufacturing high-quality 100% human hair wigs in India. Our experts will definitely guide you with what you need and what will suit you the best. So, pay us a visit today and enhance your face to look your best!

FAQs for hair wig shop in Barabanki

Mohit Hair Affair Point is the best hair wig shop in Barabanki to buy hair wigs online at best prices. Actually, Uttar Pradesh is still not a metro city. However, one can find multiple hair wig shops here, but finding urban designs and professional services is really difficult. Mohit Hair Affair Point has 20+ years of experience in dealing with people’s hair woes. We provide urban and modern hair wig designs. Also, Mohit Hair Affair Point is the only hair wig shop that also provides

  • Hair extension in Barabanki
    • All types of hair patch in Barabanki services
  • Hair bonding in Barabanki, Lucknow, Sitapur, and Ayodhya
  • Non-surgical hair transplants in Barabanki and all other UP locations.

Mohit Hair Affair Point First analyse your hair problems thoroughly. In case of partial baldness and hair thinning, we suggest hair patches in place of wigs. A hair patch is a cheaper and more natural-looking solution to hair woes. Luckily, in Uttar Pradesh, Mohit Hair Affair Point offers hair patch services in UP including hair patch in Barabanki services.

If you are experiencing hair thinning and do not require a wig. Then, in order to give instant volume to your hair you can use hair extensions. Also, if you are a woman going to a party and need lustrous hair immediately, then hair extension is the right option. So, for getting fancy hair looks without any haircut or expensive transplants, hair extensions are a great option. In Barabanki and other parts of UP, you will find colorful hair extensions that do not give a natural look. Also, those fancy hair extensions make you look like a clown. So, try our hair extension in Barabanki and flaunt a natural look.

Yes, Mohit Hair Affair Point provides hair bonding in Barabanki and you can visit their Lucknow branch to know more.

In a word, no! You cannot find non-surgical hair transplant in Barabanki. However, you can travel to Lucknow and visit Mohit Hair Affair Point, which provides the best non-surgical hair transplant services all over Uttar Pradesh.

No, there is no hair wig shop in Barabanki offline. But, Lucknow is the nearest place to buy hair wigs offline in Barabanki. Moreover, Mohit Hair Affair Point is the only hair wig shop that will customize a wig as per your natural face and hair color. Then, later on, they will deliver the hair wig in Barabanki to your doorstep.

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