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Know All About Hair Patches For Men!

Finding A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow? Well, It Might Not Be A Tough Job If You Have Never Tried A Hair Patch Before. Hair Patches And Hair Wigs Are A Demanded Accessories These Days. While Earlier, Only Actors And A Few Oldies Used To Buy Hair Wigs And Hair Patches. In The Present-Day Scenario, Hair Patches, Extensions, And Wigs Are Quite Popular In Functions And Even In Daily Life.

However, Poor Lifestyles And Increased Pollution Levels Have Caused Extreme Hair Problems For Youngsters. Suffering From Baldness And Hair Thinning, Youngsters Find Hair Wigs And Hair Patches As A Quick-Fix Solution. But Finding A Good Quality Hair Accessory In A Metro City Like Lucknow Might Prove Confusing.

So, In This Blog, Mohit Hair Affair Point Explains All About Hair Patches. What Hair Patches Are, How They Work, Who They Are For, And How To Take Care Of Hair Patches. Moreover, We Will Also Disclose How You Can Buy The Best Quality Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow With Our Expert Tips!

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What Is A Hair Patch For Men?

A Hair Patch Is A Great Alternative To Uncomfortable And Costly Hair Wigs And Painful Hair Transplants. A Hair Patch Is A Patch-Like Quick-Fix Solution To Cover Baldness. Hair Patches Are Attachable To The Head Without Any Surgery. Whereas, Unlike Hair Wigs, Hair Patches Are Also Less Likely To Come Off. See The Image Below To Distinguish Between A Hair Wig And A Hair Patch.

Hair patch for men

Hair Patches Are Not For Men Only. Rather, Women Facing Hair Thinning Or Baldness Due To Some Illness Or Medical Treatment Can Also Benefit From Hair Patches. If You Wish To Buy A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow, Then Visit Our Website Today To Know More. We Also Provide Hair Patch For Women In Lucknow And Abroad.

Is A Hair Patch Different From A Hair Wig?

Yes, A Hair Patch Is Completely Different From A Hair Wig. While A Hair Patch Can Be Used To Cover The Bald Patches Or Hair-Thinning Areas, Hair Wigs Cover The Full Head. Moreover, Hair Patches Provide A More Natural Look To Its Wearer. Therefore, The Demand For Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow Is Growing At A Rapid Pace.

Furthermore, Wigs Are More Uncomfortable During The Summer Season. It Is Because Wigs Are Like Caps That Cover The Whole Head And Can Cause Warming. Whereas, The Hair Patches Are Lightweight And Hence Do Not Warm The Head.

How To Buy A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow?

If You Want To Buy A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow, The Best Option Is To Visit Mohit Hair Affair Point. Mohit Hair Affair Point Is The No. 1 Hair Wig Shop In Lucknow That Deals In All Kinds Of Hair Wigs, Patches, And Extensions For Men And Women Both. We Have 20+ Years Of Experience And Expertise In Hair Wig Manufacturing In Lucknow. Therefore, Our Hair Wig Shop Is Quite Popular In The Entire Uttar Pradesh.

However, If You Wish To Buy Hair Patches For Men In Lucknow Online, Even Then Mohit Hair Affair Point Can End Your Hunt. You May Also Buy From Us Online. If You Wish To Visit Our Lucknow Brand Then Here Is The Address For You-

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Furthermore, There Are Also Hair Wig Shops Like Jawed Habib, Urban Hair, And More To Buy Hair Wigs In Lucknow. So, Buying A Hair Wig, Patch, Or Extension In Lucknow Is Not A Big Deal! You May Buy Hair Wigs, Patches, And Extensions In Lucknow Both Online As Well As Offline.

Seeing Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow As An Alternative To Painful Surgical Hair Transplant

If You Are Experiencing Baldness Due To Any Skin Disease, An Ongoing Medical Treatment, Or Due To Some Underlying Disease? Then, You Surely Do Not Need A Painful And Uncomfortable Hair Transplant. It Is Because Hair Loss Due To A Medical Condition Is Temporary. And Hair Strands Tend To Grow Back Once You Recover From Your Disease.

hair patch for men

However, If You Wish To Cover The Bald Patch, Then A Hair Patch Is A Perfect Solution For You! A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow Can Cover The Baldness Temporarily Without A Surgical Treatment. In Fact, The Hair Patches Are The Best Possible Alternative To The Surgical Hair Transplants. It Is Because They Are Durable For 3-5 Years Depending Upon How Much You Care For Them.

How A Hair Patch Is Attached Without Surgery?

Hair Patches Are The Best Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Method. Unlike Usual Hair Transplant That Requires Painful Surgical Method, Hair Patches Are Simply Attached To The Head With Different Methods. For Example, One Can Attach A Hair Patch To The Head With-

Attachment Techniques For Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow

Glue Method:

The Best Method Of Hair Patch Attachment Is The Glue Method. It Uses Adhesive Chemicals To Attach A Hair Patch To The Bald Head. This Method Is The Most Reliable And The Hair Patch Stays Intact To The Head For A Longer Period Of Time. If You Are Looking To Buy A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow, Then You Will Find This Method Everywhere.

Taping Method:

Another Method Is The Taping Method, In Which The Hair Patch Has Tapes. With The Help Of These Tapes, A Hair Patch Sticks To The Natural Hair And Stays In Place. However, It Is A Less Permanent Kind Of Method. And The Hair Patch Might Come Off Easily.

Clip-On Method:

Similar To The Taping Method, The Clip-On Method Has Clips On The Hairpiece That Can Be Attached To The Real Hair. However, In Comparison With The Taping Method, Clip-On Is More Secure. And The Hair Patch Is Less Likely To Come Off Easily.

Sewing Or Bonding Method:

In The Bonding Or Sewing Method, The Professionals Will Sew The Hair Patch To The Real Hairpieces. However, It Is A Non-Surgical Method And The Needle Is Not Going To Touch The Head Skin At All. This Method Is Also A Secure Method. However, Not Long-Lasting.

Hair Weaving Method:

Weaving Is Also Similar To Sewing Or Bonding Method. The Only Difference Is That The Professionals Will Weave The Existing Hair Strands. And Then, They Will Attach The Hair Patch (Or Hair Wig) To The Woven Hair. It Is A More Secure Method, However Yet Not Long-Lasting.

So, Whenever You Buy A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow, Make Sure That You Choose The Method Of Attachment Carefully. Depending Upon The Durability And Your Condition, Opt For The Right Method. If You Are Sure That Your Baldness Will Be Cured Within Months. Then, Opt For Methods Other Than The Glue Method. However, If You Need The Hair Patch For At Least A Year, Then The Glue Method Is The Best One.

Why Should I Buy Hair Patch In Lucknow From Mohit Hair Affair Point Only?

Well, There Are A Few Mens Human Hair Patches Manufacturers In Lucknow And Mohit Hair Affairs Point Is Also One Of Them. However, In Reality, Most Of The Other Men’s Hair Patch Dealers In Lucknow Simply Buy Patches From The Wholesale Markets And Retail. Therefore, Most Of The Time A Buyer Is Not Satisfied With The Look. The Modern Age Buyers Look For Human Hair Patches That Blend Easily With Their Natural Hair And Skin Color. But The Dealers Fail To Fulfill Their Wish And Sell Them What They Have ‘In Stock’.

But Mohit Hair Affairs Point Works For The Satisfaction Of Its Customers. We Are The Only Human Hair Patch Manufacturer In Lucknow. Yes! We Manufacture Customized Hair Wigs And Hair Patches For Our Customers As Per Their Needs. So, If You Want Precision And Perfection In The Hair Patch, Then We Are Here To Serve You. You Can Visit Our Branch In Lucknow Any Day You Want. Also, You May Connect With Us Over A Phone Call. We Have Already Provided The Contact Details Above. Our Experts Are Always Ready To Hear From You!

Concluding Remarks On Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow

So, If You Are Looking For The Best Hair Patch In Lucknow, Then Mohit Hair Affair Point Would Insist You Visit Us Once. We Provide Permanent Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow At The Best Prices And With The Highest Possible Quality. The Satisfaction Of Our Customers Is Our Primary Goal. And Hence We Deal In 100% Human Hair Patches For Men And Women.

Some most common FAQs

In A Word, No! Hair Patches Are Not Permanent. Rather, They Are A Temporary Solution For Baldness For A Period Of 3-5 Years. The Durability Depends Upon The Hair Patch Quality, Technique Of Attachment, And Post-Attachment Care. When You Buy A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow, It Is Necessary To Stay Updated With These Topics. Lest You Should End Up Falling Prey To Cheap Quality Hair Patch Manufacturers And Their High Prices.

Depending Upon The Density And Its Length, A Hair Patch For Men In Lucknow Might Cost You INR 2500/- To INR 6500/-. Additionally, The Quality Of The Hair Patch Will Also Fluctuate Its Prices. Moreover, You Can Avoid Expensive Hair Patches By Cutting Short On Transportation Charges. So, Choose Mohit Hair Affair Point Which Manufactures Hair Patches On Its Own. So, We Will Not Charge Any ‘Import’ Or Shipping Charges!

In A Word, Yes You Can! But Keep In Mind The Following Points-

Do Not Wash Immediately After Attaching The Hair Patch. Rather, Wait For At Least 3 Days And Let The Hair Patch Set And Stick To The Head Properly.

Next, Do Not Take A Shower As Its Pressure Might Remove The Patch. Instead, Use A Mug And Bucket, The Old-Style Bathing Technique. And Do Not Wet The Head Too Much.

Similarly, Do Not Apply Shampoo Generously To The Hair Patch. Dilute Some Shampoo With The Water And Wash Gently.

Preferably, Go For Sulphate-Free Shampoos. Sulphate Washes Away The Chemicals And Hence It Might Also Weaken The Adhesive Chemical Used In Attachment.

In Order To Clean A Hair Patch, Use An Old-Style Mug And Bucket Bathing Method. Also, Dilute Some Sulfate-Free Shampoo With Water. And Wash The Hair Patch Gently. Do Not Rub The Patch Hard. Also, Avoid Heavy Showers.