Know the 7 Reasons to Buy Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients in Lucknow!

Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients in Lucknow, Aka Chemo Wigs Are One Of The Most Popular Kinds Of Products In The Hair Wig Market These Days. With Increasing Stress And A Declining Health Routine, Lethal Diseases Like Cancer Have Witnessed An Uprise In The Number Of Patients. According To The Latest Report By The Hindu (2023), In 2022, The Number Of Cancer Patients Was 14.6 Lakhs. Not Only This, But This Crisis Is Going To Reach A Number Of 15+ Lakh Patients By 2025, Provided Everyone Takes Good Care Of Their Mental And Physical Health.

However, Cancer Is 100% Curable If Detected At The Earliest And If The Patient Tries To Stay Positive And Confident. During The Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment, Cancer Patients Go Through A Lot Of Mental And Physical Pain. One Of The Various Reasons For Their Pains Also Includes The Loss Of Hair At The Time Of Chemo. It Makes Them Feel Disheartened And Underconfident.

But They No Longer Need To Be Worried. Mohit Hair Affair Point, The #1 Hair Wig Shop In Lucknow Has The Perfect Solution For Them! We Design The Best Chemo Wigs Or Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients In Lucknow. Some People Underestimate The Importance Of Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients. But Believe Us, In This Blog, We Are Revealing The 7 Most Shocking Reasons Why A Cancer Patient Needs A Hair Wig. So Stay Tuned And Scroll Down!

Reason #1: Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients in Lucknow Help Them Cure Faster

Yes, You Heard That Right! Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Can Help Them Be Cured Faster In Two Ways. First, As One Starts Shedding His Or Her Hair During Cancer Diagnosis, Feeling Underconfident Is A Common Issue. Whenever Someone Goes Through Such Serious Health Issues, Poor Psychological Effects Come In Handy. Especially, In The Case Of Female Cancer Patients, Hair Loss Worsens Their Mental Health And Self-Esteem. While Studies Emphasize That During Cancer Or Any Other Disease, Staying Happy, Cheerful, And Positive Can Help Get A Cure Faster.

To Buy Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Is Actually Buying Happiness Hormones For Him/Her

Covering The Hair Loss With A Good And Natural-Looking Hair Wig Boosts The Confidence Of The Patient. When The Patient Feels Happy And Positive, The Diagnosis Goes Better. Therefore, Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Can Prove To Be A Cure-Catalyst.

A Hair Wig Helps The Cancer Patient Stay Social

Secondly, Hair Loss And Baldness Prevent A Cancer Patient From Enjoying His Or Her Social Life. He Or She Might Feel Reluctant To Face The World Outside With A Bald Head. But, As We Stated Earlier, Being Positive And Happy Can Help To Cure Cancer Faster, The Social Life Must Never Be Affected. So, Wearing A Good Quality Hair Wig Will Also Enable The Patient To Participate In Social Gatherings Hesitation-Free.

When A Person Feels Happy, Secure, Confident, And Positive, The Brain Releases Good Hormones Like Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, And More. These Work Really Well In The Cure Of Cancer.

Reason #2: Chemo Wigs Prevent Further Cancer

Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Do Not Only Help Them Cure Faster. Rather, During This Time The Body Of The Patient Becomes More Fragile. The Hair On Our Head Protects Our Hair From Harmful Ultraviolet Rays. The Head Is The Topmost And One Of The Most Fragile Parts Of The Body. Long Exposure To UV Rays May Further Increase The Chances Of Cancer. Especially, One Might Start Facing The Issues Of Skin Cancer. Therefore, Covering The Head During This Period Is Very Important. It Protects One’s Head And Prevents Further Cancer.

Therefore, A Good Hair Wig Can Help One Stay Protected From Relapsing Cancer. It Also Helps A Person Not To Develop Skin Cancer. Staying In Sunrays With A Bald Head During This Slightly Tough Time Can Multiply One’s Problem Twice. So, One Should Always Use A Good Chemo Wig While Facing This Condition.

Reason #3: Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Are More Affordable

Did You Know That Hair Wigs For Men in Lucknow And Hair Wigs For Women Cost More In General Than Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients? Well, You Might Wonder That Even If Cancer Patients Are Either Men Or Women, Then How It Come That A Hair Wig Costs Cheaper At This Time? The Answer Is Simple. There Are 3 Reasons Why Chemo Wigs Cost Cheaper-

Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients

1. Type Of Wig

During Cancer, A Doctor Usually Recommends Synthetic Wigs Rather Than Human Hair Wigs. This Is Because Synthetic Wigs Are Easier To Maintain And Keep Clean While Human Hair Wigs Are Not. Synthetic Hair Wigs Are Lightweight And Comfortable.

So, They Are The Best Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients. Also, Synthetic Hair Wigs Cost Less. Whereas, Human Hair Wigs Are Very Costly. Actually, Chemo Hair Loss Or Hair Loss Due To Any Disease Is Never Permanent. And That Is Also One Reason To Choose Synthetic Hair Wigs.

Human Hair Wigs Are For Those Who Need Wigs Forever. But, Yay! You Will Cure Fast And Your Hair Will Grow Back As Well! So, You Will Not Need It Afterward! So, Just Go For The Cheap Chemo Wigs For This Short Period.

2. Hair Length And Density

Furthermore, It Is Never Recommended For A Cancer Patient To Buy A Long-Hair Wig. For Women, The Hair Wig Must Either Be With A Bob-Cut Or With A Medium Cute Length. This Is Because Buying A Long-Hair Wig Will Require More Cleaning And Care. So, It Is Best To Buy Short Hair-Styled Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients. It Will Give Them A New Look And Also They Will Be Able To Maintain Their Wig Comfortably.

3. Compassion And External Support

Did You Know That One Can Also Avail Heavy Discounts On Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients? In Fact, Some NGOs Also Provide Cheap Chemo Wigs As A Social Service. Also, One Can Also Avail Of A Good Synthetic Hair Wig For Cancer Patients Free Of Cost From An NGO.

Reason #4: It Is The Right Time To Experiment And Live Happily

Problems Come And Go. So, This One Disease Must Not Break You Either Mentally Or Physically. If You Are Mentally Well, Your Body Will Also Respond Positively To The Diagnosis. So, If Always Wished To Experiment With Your Hairstyle But Could Never Achieve That Bollywood Or Hollywood-Style Look, Then What’s The Matter? Now Is The Time.

Has Any Doctor Asked You Not To Wear A Styled Wig? Then, Why Do You Restrict Yourself? Even Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Have Different Styles And You Can Buy Your Favorite. It Will Make You Happy And The Happiness Hormones Will Do The Rest For Your Cancer Cure!

Reason #5: Chemo Wigs Help You Live Private During This Tough Time

Kuchh To Log Kahenge….Logo Ka Kaam Hai Kehna (People Would Always Gossip About You In This World), Remember This Famous Rajesh Khanna Song Babu Moshai? Well, That’s A Reality Of Life! In The Present-Day Scenario, Nothing Is More Peaceful Than A Private Life And A Small Circle. Is Your Family Aware Of Your Disease? Are All Your Best Friends Aware? If Yes, Then That’s It!

Now There Is No Need To Tell Your Neighbors And The Washermen, Vegetable Sellers, Fruit Vendors, And That Grocery Shop Owner In Your Society! People Are Stupid! Yes, Especially When Living In India Always Remember This Fact That ‘PEOPLE ARE STUDPID’. They Will End Up Telling You Heart-Breaking Stories Making You Fall Out Of Mental Piece. So, Cover This Condition With A Nice Hair Wig And Let Not The Cat Out Of The Bag. It Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Cancer Faster.

Reason #6: Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Protect Against Heat Strokes

Additionally, Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Are Also Important To Protect Them Against Heat Stroke And Dehydration. As We Said Earlier, The Head Is One Of The Most Fragile Body Parts And Is Placed At The Topmost. Sun Exposure And Ultraviolet Rays Affect A Bald Head In A Worse Manner. And The Body During Cancer Becomes More Fragile. So, All In All, Head Protection At This Time Really Important.

Even If You Are Now Fine And Your Chemo Is Over. You Would Still Need Head Protection. Your Body Has Gone Through A Lot During This Disease And It Will Take Another 1-2 Years To Rejuvenate Fully. Until You Do Not Grow Your Hair Back, It Is Still Important To Protect Your Head From Heat To Avoid Further Discomfort.

Hair wig for cancer patients

Reason #7: Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Let Them Live Their Social Life Without An Interruption

Finally, Last But Not Least Reason To Buy Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients Is That They Will Help You Enjoy Your Social Life Without Interruption. Suppose You Visit A Party, Wedding, Or Any Social Gathering Where People Keep On Asking You About Hair Loss! It Will Keep On Reminding You Of The Disease, And You Might Also Get Frustrated. If Cured, Then It Will Remind You Of The Past And You Might Face Mental Trauma. Therefore, It Is Best Not To Let Anyone Notice That Baldness. Just Forget Everything, And Enjoy The Gathering Carefree.

Final Thoughts

So, These Were A Few Things To Know About Wigs For Cancer Patients. We Know That You Are Going Through A Tough Time. You Might Also Feel That This Blog Is Only For The Purpose Of Marketing And We Are Just Selling Our Wigs. But Believe Us! It Is Not! This Blog Was Only For The Purpose Of Your Knowledge And You Can Discuss It With Your Doctor. Moreover, If You Do Not Feel Like Buying A Wig, Then Don’t Buy It! Just Get Well Soon! And Remember To Always Help Other Cancer Patients If You Can In Buying Essentials To Save Their Physical And Mental Health! Happy Curing! Stay Fit, Healthy, Happy, And Prosperous!